We are ready to spread our wings and open our doors for a new member in the BOZON-team.
We want to hire as “per-direct” a Production Superstar.


We are an advertising film production company that is based in the fast-growing Nieuw-Zuid area in Antwerp, with views of the river Schelde from the office! We believe that there is no way around offering our clients the best quality, both in communication and our end results. However, it’s clear to us that the time has come to look for an extra set of hands on deck, ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice. Would you like to join us here in our Antwerp office? Read on!



We offer our clients quality and service. As a part of this team, we need to be able to count on you to represent these values correctly to our clients. Experience in the industry, as an “advertising film producer”, is a definite must.


Organisation and structure might as well be your middle names. There’s so much going on at once in this business, that we have a strong structural foundation to help us navigate our projects. It is important that you are able to communicate within this organised structure so that we can easily get on the same page.


You know how to keep your head cool under pressure and work within tight deadlines. As much as we try to avoid it, things can get hectic on occasion but it is vital that you stay on top of things and finish strong.

Strong language skills

Since most of our communication is in English, this should be one of your strengths. French language is needed on occasion. Jokes at the office are being told in Dutch (and you don’t want to miss out on those).


As a part of the operational team, being pro-active might be the most important aspect of your job. Being analytical and avoiding problems by picking up the phone is a must in film production.

Persuasive (but friendly)

Communication will be a big part of the job. That is why we need you to be persuasive and confident in a friendly way.


  • you’re responsible for the full production side of things
  • you will manage projects and assemble the team- and production budgets
  • you are our spokesperson towards clients and suppliers.
  • you will stay sane when challenges arise, no problem is too great for this Superstar!
  • you should be flexible when you need to, and we’ll return the favour when we can.
  • always let the rest of us know how things are going. We’d prefer a written report of meetings, but holographs are also accepted


I can take away your pain