Twice a gold award in one week!

We were so pleased when our film for ING won Gold at WorldFest, so you can image how proud we were when we were honoured a second time only a week later. Our corporate film for Renson received the Gold Award at WorldMediaFestival in Hamburg! The judges were impressed with the film’s “good insight in the vision, mission and people of Renson. […] The company is presented as a long lasting family business with the global ambition to create healthy spaces for everyone.”

Renson was a wonderful client, and was involved in every step of this production. By working closely together with the film crew, we were able to mold this multifaceted corporate story into a light, cinematographic film that piques modern viewers’ interests. We’re so happy to see our efforts recognised like this. Watch the corporate film for yourself further down this page.

No crew, no film

At Renson’s request, Agency MADE worked on an elaborate project resulting in four films (view them all through the link below). For the corporate film, Director Michaël Bombeeck and scriptwriter Jean-Lou D’haeye collaboratively developed the captivating story it now tells. Yet there would be no film (or award!) at all if it weren’t for the many crew members working behind the scenes alongside the director, and so we sincerely want to acknowledge their efforts as well. Much appreciation goes out to everyone who played a part in bringing this film to fruition and in helping us achieve this award-winning result!

We loved working on this project, and when you can receive awards for doing what you love it’s a wonderful feeling. So if you have an idea for a new film, we’ll happily jump into the next potential award-winning project with you.

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  • Client: RENSON
  • Agency: MADE
  • Director: Michaël Bombeeck
  • Scriptwriter: Jean-Lou D’Haeye
  • Executive Producer: Laurent Dillen
  • Producer: Joop Haesen
  • Production Assistant: Anna Praet
  • 1AC: Carolien Den Hond
  • 2AC: Pieter-Jan Neirynck
  • Steadicam: Sven Joukes
  • Gaffer: Wim Swinnen
  • Electro: Michael Swennen
  • Location manager: Pirin Malehounov
  • Drone: Aeroplay Films
  • Casting Director: Ann-Sophie Theunis
  • Styling: Lisa Sergeant


  • Editing: Simon Schuurman
  • Colorgrading: Florian Keirse
  • Voice-Over: Studio Sonart
  • Music: Big Score Audio