BOZON is an award winning advertising film production company,
headquartered at the heart of Europe, in Belgium.

We connect creative talent and production management teams throughout the world to the right project and vice versa. By assembling a custom team for each project, all our projects are tailor-made to the client’s request and specific needs – no matter where they are situated. There are so many wonderful artists out there, waiting to successfully fulfill your project. It’s our job to find and hire them for you, making sure we complete your project within your wishes, budget and deadline  


The smaller parts make up the whole.


We believe each separate film production always depends on specific and individual characteristics. Therefore, we’ve extended the classic use of Director’s representation and the typical “talent roster” to a more variable and unlimited catalogue. A less common way of working that makes the possibilities endless and works better to match every unique project with a suitable director. 
Send us your pitch or production inquiry, we’ll do the director’s research and make you an appropriate and tailor-made proposal.

“Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater”
Roman Polanski


Frans Birontlaan 79
2600 – Antwerpen

Main office: +32 3 281 11 48

Executive Producer:
Laurent Dillen

Bozon is a division of Dillen Group BV

BTW: BE 0449 099 607

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